Heal Your Body From the Inside Out

Work with a nutritional expert in Livingston, MT

Chiropractic care and nutrition go hand in hand. That’s why PROfunctional Nutrition and Wellness offers our clients testing and natural nutritional supplements that will help restore your body’s balance. Our team will assess the underlying cause of your pain or physical symptoms and correct them using a variety of natural supplements. You will be PROfunctioning in no time when you take care of your nutritional health alongside regular chiropractic treatments!

Begin the journey to better nutritional health by contacting PROfunctional Nutrition and Wellness.

Feel the benefits of treating your entire being

Livingston’s PROfunctional Nutrition and Wellness team will show you just how important your nutritional health is to overall wellness, too. Our nutritional health expert, Dr.Nohl will work with you find a solution that promotes better long term health. We’ll show you the benefits of a PROfunctional lifestyle, including:

  • Fewer sick days
  • Weight loss
  • Increased energy
  • Pain reduction, and more!

Focus on your nutritional health and see an improvement in your physical condition. Consult with PROfunctional Nutrition and Wellness to learn more.